Pre-birthday craze | Ginger spiced herbal tea!

Version 2

A bit late posting today, sorry about that, I do however have a pretty good reason as it is my birthday tomorrow (yey!) thus I have been a busy bee sorting out todays gym session, done laundry, cleaned up in general and also been reading up on the latest and very interesting psychology news this week. But more about that in a different post, because I am eager to share with you some of the latest psychological research released relating to academics. Something I have been waiting for and looking forward to for a very long time!

Version 2I am soon going to return to my green tea, which I today have ‘spiced’ up with a bit of ginger, absolutely gorgeous and if you have not tried it, please do! It does not only taste fabulous, ginger is actually quite magical and have a wide array of benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer and improving brain functionality. Additionally it is so easy to add some freshly grated ginger to any dish or drink – I love it in my herbal tea, my morning juices and in many vegetarian dishes (for obvious reasons, in many of the lovely Asian inspired ones) it does add a little something to the flavor. Simply divine!

Version 2

Anyway, I have a bit more studying to do before I can relax for the evening and chill out. Must say that I really am looking forward to tomorrow, the plan is to head of to the city with my lovely and have a bit of shopping spree. Enjoy a lovely dinner and take full advantage of having some time off together, as we both are quite busy (he is a scientific postdoctoral fellow researcher) every minute that we get to spend together is tremendously precious and invaluable.


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