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I adore avocado, not only because of its gorgeous taste and perfection when the flesh is just consummately tender and ripe. Soft as butter but so much healthier and superb for various dishes such as smoothies, salads or the savory avocado chocolate mousse (if you have not tried it, you simply have to!) a much healthier alternative to dessert and just as yummy! But in all honesty, I actually prefer avocado the way it is – natural, raw and full of its own delightful flavor.Version 2

Most of us probably know of the many benefits of avocado such as it being high in unsaturated fat which helps lowering cholesterol levels but these beauties are also full of essential nutrients such as potassium, B-vitamins and folic acid. Additionally, it acts as a brilliant nutrient booster, when consumed with other foods avocados enable the body to better absorb cancer-fighting nutrients (carotenoids) found in other vegetables including carrots and spinach. Another fun fact is that avocado is perfect brain food, though it may not increase your cognitive abilities, it certainly goes a long way to preserve what you already have and keep you alert. This is due to the potassium in avocados which helps battle listlessness and depression, both which have adverse effects on our ability to focus and concentrate. Brain food, super food!
Version 2

Lastly, it does upset me a bit when I read on health orientated webpages that they recommend people to stay away from avocado due to its high level of fat. Personally I do not understand their reasoning, of course it may be appropriate for some people that are battling a huge weight loss I really do not know. However, my thesis is that when you add a lot of negatives or prohibitions to an individual it tends to make the person want it even more and in particular when it is a habit or pattern that the individual is used to. I am sure that there are a lot of people that break habits with a snap of their fingers, but the interesting part is not if you can or cannot break the habit quickly, but rather if it is a lasting change of habits. Research suggest that most of the time an abrupt change of habits does not last in the long run, thus I personally believe that it is much better to involve and allow positive foods (such as avocado) no matter if they are considered ‘less’ beneficial for a ‘strict’ weight loss diet. I also find that if I allow myself to eat something that is high in unsaturated fat such as avocado or oily fish for instance, I remain full longer (naturally) and I also do not crave any unhealthy options or a big portion of food. And I must say, in my book that is a win! But of course, I am not a medically trained individual and I understand that there may be specific reasons for some peoples strict diets and that is a-ok and not really what I am opposed against, it is more the general hysterics related to anything and everything that says ‘fat’.


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