Another day in the forest.

As per usual, I have been out enjoying the lovely November weather and beautiful views. Cannot comprehend the beauty of this month, even though nature is rebooting and it is mainly brown leaves covering the trails – there is still something comforting in the knowledge that all life is ever-changing.

Version 2

I wore my new Asics which look fantastic but I have to be honest and say that it will take a bit of time to break them in, ouch! I was contemplating bringing my old pair in the rucksack but in the end decided against, bad mistake! I do think that the main problem was that I decided to jog a bit and the shoes were simply too “hard” around the heels (I have very sensitive and problematic achilles) since I had forgot my ‘gelpads’ at home, but it is all okay really. They will be perfect soon enough and that is all that matters!

Version 2Version 2Version 3Version 2Version 2Version 2Version 2Version 2


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