It is difficult to imagine how utterly gruesome our world can be at times when you stand in front of views like this. I am a Swedish citizen currently living in Germany and this is my Europe, a place I call home, a place I am happy to share. But it is our former generations that shaped its solidarity, acceptance and beauty. Europeans share background history from which our socio-cultural foundation once upon time came to life, it is Europe and it equals safety. But perhaps not anymore, perhaps never again? The horrendous incidents in France have shook my personal world as much as the rest of the world. I remember a father of mine whom loved and adored Paris, the culture, the food, the people – the possibilities, the love. The freedom of speech (yes, je suis Charlie too) the freedom on the streets where upset French farmers harshly voice their demands and opinions without delicacy. Blunt, honest and in your face. But never have I been afraid of visiting or standing there amongst the historical monuments of its uttermost brilliance and beauty. And now, I read on my news- and social media feed about friends and colleagues in Paris being scared of going to work. Afraid in the city that used to represent nothing but love. It simply breaks my heart.

Version 2

Is this the beginning of a new world? Of fear and cautiousness? I have no answers only questions, and all I know right now, is when I gaze into the distance of such tranquil beauty as in the views above, I simply cannot comprehend that there are not enough love in this world. Enough to empty out the darkness, enough to embrace all the loss and wipe out the negativity and remain forever openminded, loving, compassionate and understanding. Brave enough to realise that darkness cannot outlive the light in our hearts.

All my thoughts and love are in full with France, Paris, the Parisians and the Europe that I hold so dear. Let us love its beauty even more, let us open our hearts despite our borders being temporarily closed. Let us take a deep breath and rise again, because in truth – we have done it before, and hatred or fear does not belong in our hearts.


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