Happy thoughts.

I am back! Or well, after the essay was finished and I had handed it in I decided to give myself some time off and just relax a bit. And that would totally have been the case if it was not for the complete nightmare that was revealed in my apartment when I found loads of mould growing behind some clothes in my small ‘walk in closet’. I am sure all of you ladies reading this feel my pain when I say that a winter coat was covered in mould despite being in a dust bag and I honestly don’t know if I will be able to keep it or not. Boo! So naturally this not so pleasant and quite upsetting (not only because of ruined clothes but mainly because of the health hazard the spores from mould cause if not taken care of properly) incident have been taking up most of my spare time this week. A girl could have a lot more fun I would say!

Additionally, in Germany where I currently live it is most of the time the tenants (me!) responsibility to sort out most things that may go wrong in the flat including mould. So yeah, I may be many things but particularly handy is not one of the skill-sets that I possess haha! Luckily my significant other is a bit more savvy when it comes to dealing with these kind of issues so he has now taken on the full responsibility of sorting it out in the weekend. I am so blessed to have him in my life, not only because he will sort this out but also because he is a true gentleman and I could not be happier.

Version 2

Anyway, despite the current mould infestation in my flat, my week have been pretty good! I have been to the gym two times and I have one more session planned for tomorrow. I have also managed to go out for a couple of long walks in the forest and enjoyed some fresh air (it is still quite warm here) and felt the sun on my face. Oh and yeah I desperately needed to ‘glam up’ this oh so boringly dreadful mould-entry by adding a photo of my very glittery nails at the moment. Happy thoughts happy thoughts, right? 🙂


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