Studentfood | Blueberry snack!

So in love with these beautiful blueberries, the color, the texture the taste – fabulous! Couldn’t even resist to take a few pictures that is how beautiful they are to me. Beautiful on the outside, beautiful on the inside and will work wonders in my body too. In Sweden (my home country) we have a different kind of blueberries (vaccinium myrtillus, or the more common name European bilberries/blueberries or blåbär in Swedish), it is actually a shrub with edible blue coloured fruit.

Version 2

There are a few differences between the ‘european bilberries’ that I used to gather in abundance in the forest back home, and the ‘american blueberries’ (photos above and below) one being the size where the american ones are bigger than the european ones. Another difference is the color of the flesh, the ‘european bilberries’ have a dark red flesh and red juice that turns into a beautiful blue color (back in the days it was used to color clothes etc) whereas the ‘american blueberries’ have white or translucent flesh. It is proven that the ‘european blueberries’ contain a higher amount of antioxidants as it is related to the blueish colour of the fruit and its flesh. But the difference that is most heartwarming to me, being from Sweden and a true nature lover at that, is that the ‘european bilberries’ grow fabulously wild in the forest, free – absolutely natural and up for grabs. Whereas the american blueberries found in our European shops are normally farmed, which certainly does not have to mean that they are of less significance or value. My enjoyment of today’s lovelies is evidence of just that!

Version 2


So, while I am quite happily typing away on my psychology essay I am also enjoying yummy blueberries – perfect little snack for student life. Additionally, I am listening to Queen B(eyoncé) singing ‘running, running I aint running from myself no more, together we will win it all, running, running, running I am ready to face it all, if I lose myself, I lose it all..’ and it is keeping me going nicely. If you have not heard this beautiful song I highly recommend it! I simply cannot wait for the weekend to begin, still nurturing a small hope of having finished the essay and being able to enjoy the fabulous weather with my lovely boy. Fingers crossed!


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