Typing away | psychology essay.

Yet another day that I will spend in front of my computer typing away on my essay. Deadline for the essay and affiliated assignments is next Tuesday so I am certainly a busy bee trying to finish it as soon as possible. You should see my desk at the moment, it is covered in various papers (manuscripts), psychology literature and notebooks. Not a pretty sight, but it is one of a students life and as such I sort of like it – because somehow in this mess I will find all my answers and it is always a brilliant process despite being somewhat frenetic. My current module course is quite full on and the next part starts on Saturday already with new collaborations and plenty of reading so the idea is to finish off the essay before the weekend – eep!

Version 2Version 2

I did however fuel my body this morning with some lovely avocado (my body thanks me!) and a few pieces of honey-melon, I simply cannot resist that yellow beauty. I actually never used to like melon much when I was younger, but have since become rather obsessed. Personally I also feel like it adds a bit of holiday feel to my mornings, faking a relaxed and non-stressful “hotel breakfast” start of the day. Perfect at this point when I am going somewhat crazy with millions of psychological theories, methods and terms swirling around inside my head. Breathe!  ….and improve time management for next essay.


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