A decilitre of vitamin boost.

I love the idea of scaling down and try to eat and drink as clean as possible, I certainly do not do it all the time but I try. Juicing makes it possible for me to give myself a proper vitamin-boost every morning before I take on the day. My significant other have been quite sceptical towards some of the juices, in particular the green and red ones, but this one has a very fresh, yet sweet and well-rounded flavour to it which seem to go down well with most people.

Version 2

In the morning I try to keep my calorie and sugar intake low since I am trying to lose weight. Despite fruit not being as bad as refined sugar, whenever I have made a ‘sweet’ juice such as the one I have done today, I keep my intake to one decilitre. However, if I drink a green juice (mainly vegetables) or even red (beetroot and mostly vegetables) I drink about 3 dl in the morning and then top up with 2.5 dl of water. A perfect start to the morning for me and it instantly makes me feel perfectly hydrated after a good nights sleep.

Version 3

For this ‘sweet’ juice, I used a couple of satsumas, pears, green apples, kiwi and a hint of lemon. Whenever I juice I tend to do about a litre and then simply keep it cool in the fridge where it is good for about 2-3 days. Do not be alarmed by potential foam  from the fruit ending up on the top of the pitcher after a night in the fridge, it does not effect the taste whatsoever. Simply stir it up with a spoon and the juice goes back to looking as yummy as the day before. I hope you too enjoy your vitamin boost if you decide to try it out! Version 2


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