Misty mornings, a humble reminder of home.

First of November and as per usual at this time of the year the misty mornings are here to keep me smiling and make my morning walks all the more interesting. If you did not know already I absolutely love misty mornings as it reminds me of home. Having lived most part of my life by the coast in Sweden I miss the fog and the harsh chilly ocean winds tremendously. I am most certainly a bit of a ‘polar bear’ and thrive in the harsh climate, it simply does not bother me one bit. However living in the southwest of Germany, far away from any coastline I find both joy and comfort in these early misty mornings, a humble reminder of a most beloved home.

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Surprisingly enough, I have not had much use of my Garmin since I purchased it some time ago. Mainly because I am a bit disappointed with the connection, or perhaps I should write the lack thereof, between the pulse band and the watch itself. When running (which I don’t do at the mo) I quite heavily depend on the pulse to keep me motivated and going when my brain is telling me to ‘slow down’ but my heartbeat is singing a different song. Thus it is not particularly okay having to re-arrange the pulse band constantly due to it losing connection with the watch making me drop my focus on running. All in all it is quite infuriating, so let us just settle for the fact that the pulse band does not work very well for me. However, when walking or hiking I don’t depend on the pulse, and do not care so much about the potential benefits of knowing the pulse – as there are different challenges to focus on instead such as beating massive hills and enjoying nature and wildlife.

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I am a big nature and wildlife fan and absolutely love spending hours out in the nature park nearby my home. It is a huge privilege to be able to explore and enjoy nature and wildlife freely without disturbance or traffic. The solitude and silence in this massive forest is fantastic and despite being quite shielding from chilly winds, its tranquility cleans my mind from any potential negative thoughts and leaves me feeling completely refreshed and fabulous.

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