Healthy Halloween.

Halloween 365evermore-style is a bit different to the more traditional one. I have never really been  one for eating sweets, I have simply not favoured the synthetic taste of candy all that much. If I am going to treat myself then it has to be something that I thoroughly enjoy. Thus, my idea of a lovely Halloween celebration does not entail sweets but I really do love holidays, and I love celebrating said holidays – Halloween being no exception. Therefore I came up with the idea of preparing a tray of healthy snacks such as clementines, green bell-peppers, physalis peruviana and a small orange sweet paprika for good measure. It may not cover your daily need of fruit and vegetables but it does serve as a fantastic treat and it certainly add a holiday feel to my Friday. Fruit and vegetables, who said that Halloween could not be ⎨and look⎬ fantastic without sweets!

Version 2Version 2Version 2Version 2


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