Current infatuation: Deuter Speedlite 15 review.

I have forgotten to tell you about my newest love, namely the Deuter Speedlite 15! It took me some time to decide which rucksack to purchase for my daily walks, but after careful consideration I choose the one below. Of course, it did help a little that I could order it in my favourite colours, namely black and yellow – instant love affair right then and there!

Version 2

I particularly love the side mesh pockets (one on each side) allowing quick access to drinking bottles but perhaps more important, making it possible to keep even weight (at least to start with when both bottles are equally full) over the shoulders. This was one of the features that I looked for as my Jack Wolfskin only had one mesh pocket always making the weight over my shoulders a bit lob-sided, not pleasant.

Version 2

As you may have noticed from the greenery outside in the photos, it is a few months since I purchased this rucksack and I have now had time to properly try it out during my summer walks and hikes. I must admit that I am still absolutely infatuated with this rucksack, it is simply perfection! When it comes to training gear I am a bit like ‘the princess and the pea’, if it does not fit my needs (and body) perfectly it is simply not worth the time and effort. In this regard the deuter speedlite has certainly not disappointed, it is far more comfortable over my shoulders than the Jack Wolfskin (I still really like my Wolfskin rucksack though, but perhaps not for powerwalks or longer hikes in particular) as the straps seem to fit my body a lot better for quick walks. I also greatly appreciate the smaller size and how very light it is, even fully packed it remains comfortable to carry for any length of time. Despite its small size it is still big enough to hold my essentials such as medication, compact camera (I could probably fit my SLR in as well but it would be a rather snug fit), nordic walking sticks if need be (mine are foldable), wallet, tissues, keys and some other bits and bobs.

Version 2Version 2

Additionally there is a neat little pocket on the very top of the rucksack, making important items such as wallet, keys and medication quickly accessible. As you can see in the photo above there is also a small hook to which I can attach my keys, no more rummaging through the entire backpack – I love it! All in all I am well pleased with my purchase, it is the perfect companion for walks (or runs) no matter if the distance is 5 or 20 kilometers. Thus, if you are looking for a new small sized rucksack I would highly recommend this one, but by all means, if there is a ‘princess and the pea’ living inside of you too, do try it out in a shop before purchasing!


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