Gym members with bad attitude.

Gym-day today, I had a great session which I ended with some crosstrainer to get the pulse up for 15 minutes. However, despite my own training being good and all that, for the first time ever (in this specific gym) I experienced proper bad atmosphere and attitude from another girl in the gym. I honestly do not understand why some people feel the need to have a shitty (pardon my language) attitude towards people that they do not even know. I think that most people that are familiar with training at gyms know of these kind of people that walk around as if they own the place and look everyone else up and down continuously in some poor attempt to cover up their own low self-esteem. This kind of behaviour makes me both angry and sad, angry because I think that it is those kind of people that make going to the gym an impossible task for far too many that may not feel perfectly comfortable in their own skin. Personally I have a rather thick skin, I know my body and I love my body despite its all current imperfections and I am certainly not ashamed of myself or the way I look. Saying that, it does not mean that I do not want to change my current shape, because I really do. But I certainly won’t let anyone else treat me disrespectful or act out on their own insecurities around me. It is simply not acceptable behaviour, period.

Version 3

Additionally it makes me so sad to see how less thick-skinned people sort of ‘crumble’ under the pressure of these kind of ‘stuck-up’ individuals. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with people showing of their beautiful and ‘perfectly’ shaped and hard-earned bodies at the gym, it is not those kind of people that I am talking about. In the same manner as I accept my own body and the way it currently looks, I also adore the fact that other people embrace their journey no matter what path (weight loss/gain, building, defining and so on) they may be on. It is also rarely the true gym “bunnies” and “buffs” that waste time trying to belittle other people, they are far too busy focusing on their own training routines. Nonetheless, having to share the room with individuals that seem to be at the gym for completely wrong reasons – does put a bit of a downer on the experience as a whole. Because the sad thing is that there is very little that I as a normal member can do about it, and it makes me wonder how gym personnel actually think and plan for an accepting and positive atmosphere at the gym? Perhaps that is never even on the menu or is neglected by more important issues to solve when owning an otherwise successful gym. As a budding occupational psychologist it would be interesting to hear what gym owners (and workers) think about these issues and how it potentially can be prevented? Because surely it is not as if they are immune to the atmosphere in the gym where they work.


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