Restarting and rethinking.

Restarting, once again. I have realised that reaching my goal of leading a healthy life – both training and food-wise, does not come easy to me. As much as I do not believe in excuses I do have a few, not to hide behind, but to further explain my reasons. The last two years have been the worst ones in my life when it comes to general health, it has not been easy to remain upbeat and strong both mentally and physically. For natural reasons I have also had to prioritise my studying (we pay a lot of money for me to be able to study this degree so I better excel. However, I did manage to score a distinction on my last year despite my life being upside down. Yey me!) and each examination finished have been difficult enough to balance and yet keep some kind of training going. I am proud of myself for keeping my head held high and not giving up on absolutely everything, but this pride is also shared with great disappointment of not having reach my training and weight loss goals as of yet.

Version 2Version 2Version 2Version 2However, I am not one to dwell on these things, it does not improve the mood or the motivation. Instead I pat myself on the back for the challenges that I have faced and conquered and now look forward and focus on the now. It is the best way to be in my opinion, it is important to plan ahead but equally important to allow yourself to be exactly where you are at, in the now. Dreams and goals are fantastic but it is easy to get stuck in wishful thinking of a potential future. It most certainly will not appear if I do no make it happen and work hard to get there. And here we are, and it is October and one of my favourite months of the year is soon coming to an end. I will only have a few days to fully enjoy its glory but it will suffice.

Version 3Version 2Version 2Version 2

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in a months time and it was fabulous. I often ‘forget’ exactly how much I love it whenever I have a break from it. But every time I go back I am almost instantly hooked, there is something very satisfying with the feeling of ‘being strong’ or rather, in my case, training to increase strength. I am a mere beginner, and I still look with envy at the well-trained people in the gym that seem to know exactly what to do and which activities that are the most efficient ones. My goal is to know as much as they do, but I am not in a rush to get there – as with most things in life, I am rather cautious and want to know that I perform the various strenght-exercises correct and with the right technique before I go full speed ahead.

Version 2Version 3Version 2

Anyway, as autumn really does provide the most perfect temperature to do any kind of exercise outdoors, I have also re-started my walks. I love being outside in the crisp autumn air and the gorgeous colours, and today I did a rather moderate powerwalk of 5 km. I decided to start out with a shorter one compared to the 10 km/day that I used to do during the summer. I know that I will be back to the former distance in not too long, but till then I am going to enjoy the journey to get there. As per usual I prefer to take it a bit easier to start with and then a few weeks in I tend to go a bit nuts and cannot constrain myself anymore and constantly chase better time and distance each and every walk. So this gentle start is lovely as I can yet enjoy the nature and feel that it is okay to stop to take a few photos and not only remain focused on walking forward and racing my former achievements. Yes, I am that competitive when I want to be.


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