A brand new situation.

Summer does not seem to be my time of the year to remain healthy. Or rather, perhaps it is the time of the year when I finally relax and shift focus to fully examine how I am actually doing. Cut to the chase, today I have been diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid (Hashimotos thyroiditis). And as much as I would like to not have this chronic disease, I am also a bit relieved. This feeling since I have for quite some time tried to understand why my training and often carefully calculated food intake has not had a bigger impact on my weight-loss. Now it all of a sudden makes perfect sense. It also makes me a bit cross with former PT’s who basically had a go at me and telling me that that I was “lying” about my food intake due to lack of results. I would like to make it known that it really should be in a personal trainers interest to thourougly learn about different reasons (be in physical or psychological) to why some people may be struggling to lose weight and their reasons for being overweight. After all, I used to pay a lot of money for my PT sessions, but I am going to leave that rant for another blog post as I have quite a bit to say about personal trainers and their way of dealing with clients.

Version 2

Anyway, at the moment I have been given pills that will help correct my hormone levels and kickstart my body back into motion. Hopefully this will also mean that once my medical doctor have found the right medication level (it has to be monitored through blood testing etc) for my body, I should be able to lose weight more efficiently if I put in the work. All in all I am looking forward to mending this thyriod problem, it is of course not only because potential weight-loss but more importantly for correcting any problems linked to the adrenal glands and other bodily functions in my body. A bit more scary though is that I still have to do another scan of my throat (did ultrasound today) to make sure that there are no knots causing additional problems. So fingers crossed everything will be a-ok!


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