When fears are not allowed to win the battle.

Hello sunshines! Today is a pretty scary day for me because I am off to the dentist in two hours from now, something I do not like as I find it difficult to have people too close to my face (post assault) and have been avoiding the dentist for years but it is now time to bite the bullet and get it done. I think I have a couple of problems with a few teeth and in particular one of my wisdom teeth. I am however terrified that they are going to tell me that all of my teeth are bad, but I guess the likelihood of that happening is rather small. I really don’t know if it is so much the procedure as the affiliated ‘shame’ that I feel for not keeping up yearly controls that are the worst to handle right now, I just know that I am feeling extremely uneasy. It is odd that something so ordinary and important (after all once we get our ‘last’ set of teeth that is kind of it!) as going to the dentist can become an almost impossible obstacle to deal with due to my brain linking ‘closeness’ by strangers as something life threatening and utterly bad. I wholeheartedly hope that my dentist is a nice one as I did not specifically ask for someone that is specialised in treating people with anxiety in relation to dental treatments. It just did not seem right since it isn’t the procedure that I am scared of, as in the drilling or the instruments per se, only the idea of having someone that I do not know so close to my face.

Thus, I am now keeping my fingers crossed that I will meet a gentle soul that won’t scare me off further from continued dental treatments. I know how important it is to not let my fears from the past win the battle of how I live my life today. However even though I do know that it does not remove the anxiety that I feel at the moment. But it has to be done, and really, nothing good can ever come from burying my head in the sand and ignoring the reality that is going on all around. Additionally, 365evermore may foremost be about weight-loss, food and training but it is also about general health. And to know that for instance gum disease is linked to serious health problems in other parts of the body makes oral health something that I truly want to make a priority in my journey towards a body and mind in perfect balance.


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