The revival.

Dear hearts, I am back. After a very long break from writing here and from almost anything and everything that is related to training, I am finally back. Revived and ready to take on that very oath that I promised myself and the world almost a year ago, it has certainly been a while. So what happened? Well, after all the health problems I suffered last year it took me some time to bounce back, I did continue to go to the gym but to be honest in all the stress I lost a huge deal of my motivation. Once I was given the ‘all clear and good to go’ from my medical doctor it still took me months to actually land and wholeheartedly settle in that feeling. Every day I kept on checking myself for new lumps and was constantly scared of any pain that I felt because I could not determine the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ pain anymore. However as the months passed by without any relapses I finally begun to relax. I still check myself every morning and evening, but not so much because I am scared of what I may  potentially find, it is more of a routine that I think every woman should be doing. It is important to know our own bodies and to know what being in balance and harmony actually means and feels like.

Version 2

I have now bounced back and am thus ready to take on new challenges! Despite somewhat keeping up my gym routine during the past months, I am sad to say that my heart has not been fully in it. And that is okay, because as you all know ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” and you get on with it, just like that. But equally important is to allow yourself to lick your wounds and properly heal up before you get back up again, gifting yourself to be ready in body and soul. So here I am, back again and once again eager to share my training, food and weight-loss journey with you guys, keen to read about everyone else’s endeavours and perhaps even help others (as much as myself) to remain motivated and inspired and to keep on going 365 days of the year.

Version 2

So, lets do this! ♡


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