Not great, but okay.

Since I wrote last I have unfortunately had to go back to the hospital again. I am okay (I think) but I have had a rather nasty bacterial infection in my breast, which has not – to say the least – been pleasant whatsoever. I am still under medical supervision and have a new appointment in the start of October but right now it seems like it is headed in the right direction. Fingers crossed!


It has been pretty difficult to keep a high spirit and even though I have managed to stay away from most of the goodies (comfort foods) I have also failed in some ways by letting portion control go and indulge a bit more than I should. But it has been a tough few weeks, many dark thoughts have been going through my head and even though it feels like a failure to have lost control of my portion sizes it is also okay because I know that it is rather easy to mend once I get down to it. On the bright side I have this week been able to return to the gym, which has been impossible due to the pain for weeks, and being back among people and training gear makes me SO happy! It certainly does bring out my good mood and I am so grateful that I have been able to take on the treadmill again.


Unfortunately due to my most unwilling break from training (and walking, it has been that painful) I have not lost any weight lately, but at least I have not gained any so I am pretty much status quo which is all right. I am okay with that, not thrilled, but okay.

Have a lovely weekend dear hearts!


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