Secrets be told.

I am proud to say that it is finally time for some of this ⤵


Yep! Yesterday I joined the gym in the city where I currently live and I must say that I am quite excited about this and all the opportunities being a member of a gym entails. Since it was my first day yesterday I could not resist doing 15 minutes on the rowing machine as I have missed it a lot (it used to be one of my favourite cardio machinesluckily I had also somehow managed to forget how much of a hard work it is, sweat galore! The whole idea of going back to training in a gym was a bit intimidating to begin with, not only because it has been a while since I have been in one but also because each gym certainly tend to have its own “atmosphere” and it is not always that you feel comfortable in it. I have experiences from both good and bad ones but let us not talk about that right now as my current one seem to be a very friendly and welcoming place, good choice me!


As of yet I am not really sure exactly what I will be doing at the gym, or well – that is not entirely true as I know I will be trying for the gym machines three times per week (and later on get some help with the free weights as I am quite the novice in that area and want to learn the right techniques from start) followed by cardio. I am of course very excited about the treadmills since I am one of those that really love to run (jog at this point) on treadmills and much prefer it over running outdoors. Odd I know, but I am not the only one! I used to enjoy crosstrainers quite a bit in the past but then I grew tired of them, unfortunately it is not a cardio machine that I can remove from my list of to do’s so I will try to keep an open mind but I do find them oh so very boring. Anyway, this is the start of a whole new chapter when it comes to training and it will certainly be interesting to see what comes out of this. The plan is of course to continue with my walks too, but perhaps not the days when I am at the gym, not sure yet. I think I may have to create a proper training schedule at this point, stay tuned! ♡



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