Moleskine Recipe Journal.


It is raining cats and dogs and I am spending my day indoors filling in this lovely looking recipe journal from Moleskine. I love to structure and organise things and since I am trying my best to get into cooking a bit more I figured that it would be brilliant to make the whole idea of cooking into something fun. And to me organising and structuring equals lots and lots of fun! I also really love the simplicity of Moleskines books in general and the feeling that someone at some point has made an effort to create a user friendly and beautiful way to organise your everyday tasks.


Ever since I was young I have loved to organise and structure, it is a way to find peace of mind – but in this specific case it is mostly about fooling myself to enjoy learning more about cooking. I really need to start to collect recipes that I like so that I eventually can create some kind of schedule for healthy weekly dinners. Saying that, at the moment I must admit that I do eat rather well but I would like to learn how to cook more vegetarian food from scratch and use less pre-made products such as soy-sausages, burgers, mince etcetera from various vegetarian brands. Not necessarily because I think they are bad products or brands but because I think there is a point nutrition wise to eat more food that have not been processed once already.


The Moleskine Recipe Journal allows me to structure the recipes in different sections such as appetizers, first courses, main dishes, side dishes, desserts and cocktails which makes it very easy to navigate between the different dishes in a quick manner. However, as of yet I am not sure how much I will be using some of the sections but I guess it is up to me how I decide to use the different themes. For instance, the cocktail sections is rather pointless to me since I barely drink alcohol at all – so instead I am thinking of using this section for juices, a bit healthier and a lot more fun! All in all I really enjoy this recipe journal and its many ways to make it personal (you also get stickers to use for the different “notes” sections, so cute!) and my own.


Am I the only one left loving pen and paper instead of keeping everything digital or do you also collect your favourite recipes in a journal? Please do tell and do not hesitate to share your most amazing vegetarian recipes with me, I am eager to learn and add new yummy food to my journal!


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