Celebrating Friday.


I have certainly been a busy little bee the past days, and yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and head off into the forest for a short hike (about 8 km) with plenty of hills to challenge my (foremost) behind! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to “climb” the bigger hills, which have always been a bit of a struggle without too much problems. The only problem being my achilles which obviously thought it was a bit too much too soon, but I have been kind to it today and only done low impact training and slow walking without hills, so it is back on track!


My boyfriends absolute favourite fruit of them all is pineapple (or well, pineapple and coconut) and pineapple juice is a special treat that never fail to put a smile on his face! Thus this Friday, while watching the World Cu(are you guys footy enthusiasts? I am not a big fan but also don’t mind it, I am somewhere in between I suppose!) I have decided to treat him and myself to some freshly homemade pineapple juice, happy days!


Happy Friday Lovelies!


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