A day off.


I have had the day off today due to the temperature (and pollen), it may sound strange to people that are used to warm weather but I am not and therefore I couldn’t even imagine myself doing any kind exercise in this heat. I had planned to go for a jog today but I quickly realised that it simply would not be possible. Unfortunately the heat doesn’t subside down to mid twenties until after midnight, which makes it rather complicated to wait it out for a jog. Being used to summers with a temperature around 26 degrees at the most, it is quite the difference to be subjected to this heat wave. Of course it is extremely frustrating not being able to train as planned, but I also think that it is important to know your own limits and this is mine. At the moment I have no air-conditioned gym to go to and we don’t live close to any ocean or lakes (swimming pools aren’t open properly yet) so there aren’t too many alternatives. Hence, today I have allowed myself to thoroughly enjoy a day fully off – and I have certainly had a lovely lazy day out on the balcony with some freshly made pineapple juice, simply chilling out in the shade. 


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