Something beautiful.


Last night when my boyfriend and I were preparing for heading out for an evening jog we had troubles figuring out how to be able to bring with us house keys, my iPhone (for RunKeeper) and my asthma inhaler which I always have to bring with me in case something happens and in particular during pollen season. Luckily we solved the key problem with a wristband pouch and then a small bag for the mobile and my inhaler. Safe to say, not ideal at all but at least we made it work. Unfortunately I also have this odd thing about not being able to wear wristband pouches when I jog (no idea why, but I have never been able to, not even when I was fitter and used to run a lot) so my boyfriend, whom for the record is a great sport about things like this, without objections and actually quite happily carried my stuff while we did the evening jog.


However, today this beauty arrived which means that it will be one thing less to carry around namely my iPhone, a great relive in particular since I don’t really want to accidently drop my phone or get it water damaged due to rain or something along those lines. Out of the things I have to bring with me when jogging the mobile is by far the nicest thing to be able to leave behind. House keys I usually tie to my shoelaces when I exercise (unless I have a backpack) and the inhaler is no problem holding in my hand while jogging. So all in all and thanks to my Garmin it should be a lot easier to head off out on my own from now on! I must admit though that at the moment I really need my boyfriend as a motivator and someone who can give me a bit of an extra energy boost whenever I feel like I cannot jog anymore and want to quit and walk instead. To me it is a great thing to have someone that is a lot fitter than I am by my side since it gives me the possibility to focus only on myself and my training instead of having to try to boost myself up or motivating someone else as well as myself.


As I have only just opened the package and sort of admired this beautiful thing with a rather foolish grin on my face, I have not been able to try it out as of yet so will have to get back to you all about whether or not it is as good as it looks! But trust me, I am so looking forward to trying this beauty out tomorrow during my next jogging session. I opted for the pulse band since I think jogging or running (actually even during walks and hikes) while being able to keep an eye on your pulse is one of the best motivators and indicators for yourself to help you figure out whether or not you are entitled to slow down or not, as your pulse will lead the way to a more target driven training. I don’t know about you guys, but I love that so much, control and stats, it gets me going any time of the day!


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