Through the woods we ran, deep into the mountain sound.

I am certainly spoilt with beautiful views and surroundings, it is a blessing that I do not take lightly. This feeling even though I am very much of a city girl at heart and I love the buzzing life that a city represents, but I also adore living and being here at the moment, at the footsteps of a gigantic forest that later on transforms and joins the enormous and majestic Black Forest. In particular when it comes to training and being active, it is absolutely wonderful to live in the middle of all this nature (except for the pollen I suppose) where the possibilities for walks, longer hikes, mountain biking or jogging is endless and the scenery and wildlife will never let you down no matter if you follow a road, path in the forest or go off trail. I must say if you have never been in the south of Germany and never seen the Black Forest with your very own eyes, if you have never experienced its silence, its magnificent birds of prey circulating high up in the heavens above – well then you have not really lived, yet. Honestly. I love being a part of all that is here, but most of all I love the solitude, the outdoorsy way of being and living and the love of nature and everything it so humbly give.


Come along and enjoy some of my views from my walk earlier today, normally I don’t bring my camera when I go out for walks since I try to focus on the walk and don’t really want to stop and take photographs every now and then. But since I haven’t shared much from my everyday before I suppose it is about time. I did a lovely 7 km walk along the fields on the outskirts of Schönbuch forest, unfortunately due to pollen I do not dare to wander into the forest as of yet. But normally I do and it is one of my favourite things ever, absolutely fantastic to be surrounded by green in various colours and be able to listen to the birds singing without interruptions by the busy world outside.


Just like many others I have a special relationship to fields, maybe it is Eva Cassidys fault when she borrowed the sound and words from Sting and sang about Fields of Gold a version of beauty that still gives me the tingles. But more likely it is related to childhood memories of running through the fields in the south of Sweden outside my grandparents farmhouse. I loved my grandparents dearly and spent every summer at their farm helping out in the kitchen garden, bicycling on gravelled roads and enjoying walks along the fields arm in arm with my now much missed grandmother. But most vividly and lovingly I remember running through the fields, open arms and palms feeling their way through the golden surroundings. The boundless joy and feeling of being so very alive, the warm earthy ground underneath my bare feet – my body meeting the loving arms of barley as I threw myself backwards into its embrace. Childhood memories, some of the strongest emotions we carry with us into adulthood and one of many keys to the development of our personalities, loves and continued way of being. And I carry these memories very, very close to my heart, they are a huge part of who I am.


Even when the green meet asphalt and roads, the beauty of this place remain breathtaking and impossible to ignore and even if you may not be like me and fully enjoy nature and its magnificent wildlife – I suppose it is hard to deny the positive vibes and boost of energy that a beautiful surrounding contributes with when you are exercising. To be able to rest your eyes on the Swabian Alps in the distance gets me every single time and is one of the views that I will miss dearly when we will be leaving this place in a couple of months from now. Life is all about experiencing various things and I am happy that I have had the opportunity to begin my journey towards a healthier lifestyle here in this beautiful place.


The picture below is from the road that leads to our house and every day that I walk down this road I fall in love, even though I may not always want to but I cannot help myself. The peaks in the distance speak their loving language to me, the never-ending skies send me kisses from above and all the wonderful colours of this place, they pop – right into the very core of my heart.



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