Garmin on the way.

I am so very excited right now because only a few minutes ago I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 610 for myself and I cannot wait until it’s here in a couple of days! Ever since my Polar pulse watch crashed (it’s very old) I have wanted a new watch that can help me keep track of my training as I find stats extremely motivating and an important tool to help me challenge myself when exercising. I am however quite indecisive and have not been able to decide whether or not I wanted to stay with Polar or move on over to Garmin. This has been a particularly difficult decision since I truly have enjoyed my Polar watch and it has been a great companion for many years. Nonetheless, I have to admit that a Garmin has always been my  dream  watch when it comes to stats and training. So naturally, when I started to dig a bit deeper into it all it quickly turned into a done deal and even more so when I learnt about the GPS, touch screen and ability to upload data to RunKeeper (which I use and utterly adore) the decision to try something new was easily made.


I am not really much of a tech person in general, but I do love to keep track of my progress and a pulse watch makes life so much easier than trying to calculate things on my own. Saying that, I do know that even the stats from a pulse watch can not be trusted 100% but at least it will come a lot closer to the truth than my estimations ever will. But I have no previous experience of using a Garmin watch whatsoever and I suppose that it is as with most things, some people will love it and others will have a billion of complaints. I tend to prefer to listen to trusted sources (friends) instead and a close friend of mine has been using the Forerunner 610 since it was newly released on the market and he has been very pleased with it ever since. His opinion and expertise (he is a marathon runner after all) of course also played a huge part in my final decision. Still, I sincerely hope that I will learn to love it and that I wont regret changing brand, but I am sure that Mr Garmin and I will get on just nicely. I mean how could we not, it is a rather handsome watch is it not? Oh yes, indeed! 



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