I guess I’ve been running round town leaving my tracks.

Dear hearts, I have been so busy since my last post – not only have I been collecting my thoughts about my reboot but also had a bit of a holiday in London as my boyfriend and I decided to pop over for a long weekend. And we had such a ridiculously good time back home that we hardly wanted to go back to Germany at the end of our visit. But I guess it is like that when you all of a sudden find yourself back in a city where you used to live and therefore also know very well and my forever-ever-love London may just well be the most wonderful and happening place on earth. The feeling of home and being able to navigate my way around with ease does something very special to my heart and strolling arm in arm with my love in our old neighbourhood brought a tear to my eye as did enjoying a meal at our favourite restaurant. Memories, overwhelming at times, but it is all good it is the way it should be. All in all, a holiday of many blessings and London always seem to find a way to pull all my heartstrings at once, it is home to me and always will be. This beautiful city and I have a forever ever on-going love story of our very own, it is meant to be.


Nonetheless, I am now back in the south of Germany and once again back to my daily walks and healthy eating. I also feel a bit obligated to say that I did stay on track food wise when we were in London and I didn’t splash out even if I of course could have done if I had wanted to. I am also still free from sweets since 68 days back ( wooho!) so no temptations there. The only bad thing that happened during our holiday was that I totally forgot to turn on RunKeeper (big mistake since we walked SO much every day!) for tracking our walks and I am now struggling a bit to hit my walking goal for the month of May. I am currently on 66 out of 80 km, which is not that bad but seeing that I only have ONE day to go to reach my goal I do feel a bit stressed about this, yikes!


On a more upbeat note I am pleased to be able to tell you that since I last wrote here I have done my first jogging session! How exciting isn’t that? I managed to squeeze out 3 km of sweaty bouncing around the block without even stopping once and I must say that I am extremely pleased with that as a first attempt. In all honesty, before heading off out I was convinced that I was only going to last for about 200 meters and then have to walk for a bit so with this in mind, lasting 3 km is definitely something to be proud of. It is also a great pat on the back for all the morning walks I have done, since I have viewed them as a build up to being able to jog and then later on run (if possible!) and seeing that it does pay off to keep at something is one of the best realisations for me at this point. I still have a long way to go but as I have mentioned before I believe that it is important to celebrate every progress because if you don’t you will stop remembering how far you have actually come since you started. Anyway, I will soon post a rather lengthy review of my Joe Cross Juice Rebooting experience, but till then I hope you all are enjoying this Friday and that you try to stay active even though it is weekend!

 ♬ : Currently jogging to this


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