Juice Diary: Day 6


Day six and I have decided to start to re-introduce “normal” food into my diet again, this decision because I simply feel like this reboot is coming to an end for me. It’s not really that I feel like I need solid food as much as I would like to go back to eating again, but it doesn’t matter, it is all good. I did five whole days on juice only and I am pleased with that, I will continue with juices for most part of the coming days – except dinner – till day 10 when I will change over completely. Saying that, completely doesn’t really mean just that since I will continue to exchange meals for juices every now and then depending on what I am doing (as in how much energy I need during the day etc) and eat healthy. I am so very excited about eating again, to be able to see if this reboot has made any change at all (I am pretty sure it has) and most importantly I am extremely keen on cooking, which used to be unheard of when it came to me. Pretty cool how things can change eh!


In a minute or so I am going to start to prepare a salad containing some of the beauties above, fresh spinach, leek, lettuce, pepper, tomato, cucumber, rocket salad, carrots and lastly sprinkled on top a bit of parmesan cheese. I am so looking forward to eating this meal tonight I don’t think words could even begin to describe how amazing it is going to be. As much as I have enjoyed the juicing I have still missed sharing a meal with the people I love so this will be total bliss for sure! I must also say, Joe Cross you are a machine! I honestly have no idea how you managed to keep going for 60 days, it is an amazing achievement and even though I kind of understand that it is possible – I doubt that I would have been able to do it. With that said, I must add that I am tremendously grateful that I stumbled upon the Fat sick & nearly dead documentary, as it changed my mind about ‘reboots’ and made me want to try it out. Doing this juice reboot has taught me so much about my body and the difference between what my mind might think that I want to eat and what my body actually needs. I will be forever thankful for that much invaluable lesson. 

General feeling: Normal.
Mood: Wonderful!
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: Morning walk 3.7 km
Headache: Nope.
Weight:  -2.7kg


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