Juice Diary: Day 5


Day five is here and that is my first big goal met and actually the “reboot plan” that I am currently on, finished! Yey to that and a big pat on my back for making it this far. However, since my idea from the start was to try for or 10 days of juicing, I will keep on going for a while longer. But as always, I will only continue for as long as I feel okay with it, every day I make a decision about what I want to do mainly based on my general feeling. I didn’t want this juice reboot to feel forced in any way and I genuinely think it is important to really listen to your body while doing something like this. I mean, isn’t that really what rebooting is all about, to learn more about our eating habits and ourselves. Of course there is also this amazing benefit of giving the body a chance to reboot into a better lifestyle than the previous one. But most important is still to feel motivated to follow it through all the way, not only through the juice reboot itself but the lifestyle change that comes afterwards. To me it is equally important to have my mind set to not wanting to mess up the opportunity given and be prepared to start (or continue..) eating smaller portions and keeping active.

Friday is one of my favourite days of the week, unfortunately I have had to cancel dinner dates with friends this weekend which is a shame but at the same time, there will be new weekends when this reboot is over and done with. As much as I would have loved to go out for a meal, I am also quite happy staying in focusing on finishing off the last days of the juicing. It will all pay off in the end I’m sure! I hope you all are having a fabulous Friday

General feeling: Normal, but had an upset stomach earlier this morning. Blueberries, that is all! 
Mood: Wonderful!
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: Morning walk 3.4 km (plus added 4.5 kg in rucksack)
Headache: Nope.
Weight:  -2.3 kg


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