Juice Diary: Day 4


Day four is here and with it came the sensation of feeling “totally normal” again. This is something I didn’t expect at all but of course welcome with open arms! I have previously read on the Joe Cross forums that many people start to feel like themselves again on day four but I didn’t dare to believe that it would happen to me. No idea why since everything else has worked out more or less exactly the way it has been described. But maybe it was because I haven’t really felt like I was that different to my normal self, just experiencing a feeling of being a bit “jetlagged”. I have thought a lot about why some people say that they feel more energetic when doing the juice diet and the two reasons I can see is that 1) they are normally meat eaters and then of course, switching over to vegetarian creates a big swoosh in the system, I experienced that too when I switched over 18 years ago. However the juice diet has not made me feel more energetic than normal and the only reason I can imagine is because I already eat quite a lot of vegetables naturally. The second reason is of course that we are all different and unique, what works for me may not be exactly the same for someone else. No matter what, I am very pleased with how the juice reboot is going and today I have felt very much like my old self (energy wise), which is an absolutely awesome feeling.


Another rather interesting realisation is that I have started to truly enjoy the juices now, which may sound odd – but in the beginning I didn’t particularly dislike them but I didn’t love them either. Well except for the morning one which is the apple pie tasting goodness, that one I had an instant love affair with, the rest however, not so much. The worst one of them all was the red one, the beetroot based juice which also included another one of my not so liked vegetables namely celery. Its the earthy dull taste that the beetroot creates that I dislike, it makes me feel as if I have licked a whole vegetable garden but all I managed to get in me was the mud. Not pleasant at all. However, yesterday I started to tweak the recipe a bit and realised that adding more oranges made the earthy taste disappear a bit and the juice became quite enjoyable. And today, well today I went bananas and added lemon, lime and orange and !YUM! is all I have to say about that. The drink is now one of my favourites and even though it definitely still taste of beetroot the citrus fruits tend to neutralise the earthy taste, so yeah – ding ding jackpot! In general I have come to the conclusion to add plenty of lemon to any drink to spice them up and make them nicer, I guess this only works if you actually enjoy lemon though.

General feeling: Normal.
Mood: Wonderful!
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: Morning walk 3.2 km
Headache: Nope.
Weight:  -2.0 kg


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