Juice Diary: Day 2


Day two and I started this morning with the most yummy (so far) juice of them all, at least according to my taste buds, the drink above contains 3 small pears, 1 red apple, 150 gram blueberries and some cinnamon sprinkled on top. Trust me on this one, this drink is divine, pretty much like eating a delicious apple pie. I must say that there are worse ways to start your morning!

I have just downed another 500 ml of water and will be heading off out for my walk in a moment, a bit cloudy today but that is excellent walking weather anyway so I am happy with that. For the rest of the day I will drink pretty much similar juices that I did yesterday since I bought ingredients for two days, but will change it up for Wednesday and Thursday. I actually thought it was going to be truly difficult to sit in when my boyfriend had dinner last night but it wasn’t very hard at all. Mostly because I wasn’t hungry whatsoever, it is quite puzzling (maybe I am just daft but I find it hard to accept) that my body actually can feel content, sated and perfectly fine only on fluid. Of course it is early days yet and maybe I will have a huge set back in a couple of days, who knows…but so far it has been very doable. The only thing that I am already well aware of is that I will grow sick of drinking fluid, no kidding there!

Unfortunately my walk ended in a small disaster due to high amount of grass and straw pollen which caused my otherwise easy to maintain asthma to kick off properly. Blargh, not happy about that as I had to take my medicine (which I don’t like in particular) and also had to return home as soon as possible since I always feel a bit off after having used the inhaler. Such a waste of a day, and as much as I try my best to enjoy this season (I mean it is truly beautiful) I also find it hard to cope with the pollen and in particular when it ruins my daily walks. Ah well, I am hoping it will rain cats and dogs tonight and it’ll be a bit better tomorrow morning, fingers crossed for that!

General feeling: Normal except for pollen allergy.
Mood: No changes, still wonderful.
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: 1 km as I had to quit due to asthma/pollen.
Headache: Nope.
Weight: Minus 0.7 kg



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