Juicing and rebooting.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the documentaries on Netflix and found the story about Joe Cross amazing weight and juice adventures in Fat, sick and nearly dead extremely motivating and encouraging. I have always been quite negative and not open to trying out detoxes (or reboots as Joe Cross call them) or any other in my opinion “insane diet plan” but I wholeheartedly feel that this documentary helped me to open up my eyes for a whole new way of viewing detoxing and rebooting.

My reason for previously not liking the idea of being on any kind of obscure diet is simply because I don’t want to become a slave under some ideals and diets for the rest of my life. My goal is and will always be to learn how to be “normal” again, in all possible ways – psychologically (post rape) and physically by not over-eating and maintaining a normal weight. But there was something in Fat, sick & nearly dead, that made me see a whole new side to rebooting and its very importance for the body to learn how to stop what you (your body is programmed to do, such as bad eating habits etc) currently are doing and then shock the body (and yourself most likely, I still don’t believe that you actually can prepare yourself for something like this) by detoxing/rebooting by drinking various highly nutritious, freshly home-made fruit and/or vegetable juices for anything between 3 to 20 days (or longer if your medical doctor would agree).


And I like this idea so much because it is not exactly about adapting into a new diet where you have to change your eating habits forever, but instead it is more of a wake up call to the body by saying “Oi! Listen up! We are restarting the system, you hear me metabolism and all other bodily functions that may have slowed down due to me stuffing my face for years”, and there is just something about all this that sits just right with my way of thinking. I truly do believe that you need to do something quite drastic to wake up an overweight and sleepy body, pretty much in the same manner that you have to “shock” the body by introducing a new training routine whenever your muscle (muscle memory etc) have learnt a certain kind of exercise, to be able to continue harvest results.

But it is more than this that I have embraced, oddly enough (seeing that I have been negative towards detoxing before) I really like the idea of giving the body nothing but fluid (you are also allowed to eat salads, soups etc if you would prefer to go down that route instead) full of healthy greenies and fruit. The whole thought behind shocking an overweight body to start over and in the process allow it to start doing its jobb properly again, simply seem perfectly sane and logical to me. I know that my body needs to reboot, I have filled it for far too long with too much crap, no kidding about that part, and I can imagine that it probably would appreciate some kind of reboot like one big chance to a whole new start full of healthy goodies.


The bottom line is: Game on Joe Cross! I am not going to do 60 days like he did, maybe I would need it I really don’t know but I already know that I am not committed enough to be able to do that. Saying that may sound like I am not committed at all but that could not be more wrong, trust me I am totally and overly psyched about juicing! Of course not without reservations, I mean, I am a bit worried that I wont even make it past the first day. I am after going from over-eating (a month ago) to downsizing the portions the past month to almost go cold turkey on juicing alone does not only seem daunting it is bloody terrifying! But I think like this, trying is free and “failing” is nothing but learning, and learning more about how my body function is what I want and need. I would like to teach my body (which I happen to love) that I am not punishing it anymore, I am rewarding it for coping with my many years of misbehaviour and that now, now is finally the time to reboot and start over.


With all this said, I guess it would not hurt if you my dear hearts, could just you know, keep your fingers crossed only a tiny bit for me next week when I intend to start my first 5 day long juicing session. Cheers!

If you are interested in joining in on the (hopefully rewarding fun!) or if you would like some more information about Joe Cross and rebooting with juice, please check out the links below.

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