First walking goal done!

April has indeed been a good month teaching me how to get into morning walks and learning to enjoy this new routine of mine. Despite the tough first days, I have absolutely loved every minute of this months walking adventures. I honestly have no regrets, but then again why would I? The most wonderful thing is that I feel like I have won so much by finally allowing myself to give in and get down to it and not giving up no matter how difficult some days may have been. And at this point I already feel like I can harvest some of the benefits from being more active as I am much more energetic and even though it has only been one month (one! I can barely believe it..) I already feel a huge difference in my everyday “fitness”. Most of all I have noticed that I don’t get as easily warm anymore when only strolling about in town, stairs are also a lot easier to deal with thanks to walking up all the massive hills around the area where I live.


It has been a month of many great wins – not only having finished the walking goal one day early but maybe more importantly, falling madly in love with being more active again. Achieving this goal is the beginning of something that is going to be a part of my life forever, and every win is a win worthy to celebrate – and I am so very proud of myself right now, for my mindset, for keeping at it and for my body that may not be in its best shape but still decided to cooperate. I could not be more grateful for all the blessings that I have, period. This is my first goal met, my first win by awesomeness and I hope there will be many more wins to come!



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