Yet another Monday.


Monday already huh? I know it is more like noon at this point, but I started writing this entry earlier this morning but didn’t have time to finish it so here I am. As most mornings these days I started this Monday with a 5km morning walk, it was quite lovely today as it was drizzling a bit throughout the walk. Some people may frown upon the thought of walking in rain, but since I suffer from pollen allergy (and rain sweep away a lot of the pollen that otherwise would be carried around by the wind) I depend quite heavily on the rain to pop up and say hello every now and then to sort out the pollen. Most days here (south of Germany) are very warm which of course is a blessing in itself, but it can also get too much at times and that is yet another reason to why I find the rain drops pleasant and a quite refreshing addition to my morning walks.


Back home I put on the kettle for my daily cup of hot lemon water, if you have not tried it yet you simply have to – it is very refreshing and delicious! Additionally it is also all natural, no added sugar or preservatives and of course not to forget, lemon itself has plenty of health benefits one of them being helpful when trying to achieve weightloss. I have always loved lemons and I was one of those freaky kids that used to eat them raw, whole – just like that and I have loved them ever since. To me this is the perfect way to start a day, the hot lemon water warming up my body after the morning walk, it is simply an amazing thing!

Anyway, I best get on with my day, it is already noon and I have to head off to town to buy load of vegetables, various kinds of fruit and berries and some coconut water as well. I hope you are enjoying this first day of the week, an empty sheet to fill with plenty of activities and good food. Stay tuned!


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  1. Oh, I completely forgot about the warmth of lemon and hot water. This will be tomorrow’s wake up. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    1. 365evermore says:

      It really is such a lovely way to wake (and warm!) yourself up, I am completely hooked! I hope you will enjoy it tomorrow morning! 🙂

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