Sunday Summary.

So, I am closing in on my walking goal for the month of April and I am very grateful that everything has worked out perfectly fine these past weeks. I am always a bit cautious when it comes to training since I do have to keep my problematic achilles in mind and not overdo anything, not even walking – or it will act up and put an end to all things training. So, of course it makes me feel like a star knowing that I have managed to lay the grounds for my future training without upsetting my achilles and at the same time managed to strengthen my body and lose weight. Win win, simple as that!


My walking goal for April is to finish 115 km and I am currently on 108 km, which means that I will finish my goal one day early if all goes well. The plan then is of course to set a new goal for May but it will be a bit different since I plan to start jogging at the end of the month and I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve that I will write more about next week!

Anyway, below is the stats for my walking the past week, unfortunately I had two days off – the first one was planned and the second one was due to a horrible headache which required a lot of sleep and zero activity. Luckily my headaches don’t last very long and I am usually back to normal again the day after. I also feel like I should mention that even though I had a headache I really missed my walks, isn’t that fun? A little over a month ago I was huffing and puffing when walking 2 km without a break and now I long for my 5 km walks more than anything. Life is beautiful!








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