A declaration of love.

Most beloved spring, I love you for your gentle touch, your tenderly warming sunlight reaching down through billowy clouds, awarding me the energy to bounce when my feet are done and my mind is elsewhere. I love how you, even now, so generously allow the forest to bare its naked winterbelly here and there. Whilst, all you truly long for beloved spring, is to be able to show your magnificent canvases in all shades of green. And I observe your green colouring palette in awe, waves of green all around and beneath. Green, only occasionally disrupted by a dramatic explosion of glowing colours, delicate petals of the sun, reminding me to count all of my blessings. Small circles of petals, lightly brushing against the palm of my hand and I count them all, love them all, each and every one. You invite me into your world of wonderful, into everything that you oh so very selflessly give without agenda, with open arms full of compassion and modesty and I respectfully take it all in, breathe it all in and become. Most beloved spring you may not be my favourite of seasons, but today I fell in love with you a little bit more and my heart aches with joy of all the beauty that you so warmheartedly possess. Mother Earth, I bow before you and all your exquisite miracles, your mesmerizing rebirth of all beings and the ever so inspiring reminder that change is forever and where the end is – a new beginning can also be found.


Most beloved spring, today I could not have loved you more.


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