Sunday Summary.

I cannot believe that it is already Sunday, the weeks fly by and even though I do feel a huge difference in my walks compared to first week I still can’t understand that it already has been three weeks!

Anyway, I have continued my walks and the only annoying thing is that I missed out on tracking one of them, which means I have only 6 days of walking according to RunKeeper. However I have done some splendid walks this week, a bit longer than last week but also greater elevation (I live in a very hilly/mountain esque area so when I say elevation I really mean it!) which of course means that 5 km of heavy uphill walking feels a lot longer and tougher (I suppose it is as well!) than walking on flat ground only. It also takes longer since it is tougher and the pace is slower, but I enjoy a challenge and have absolutely loved these walks. But I have to pace myself to not do uphill walking every day since my achilles would most likely protest quite fast and make it impossible for me to walk at all. Not a deal that I am willing to make any time soon!







I am now at a total of 80 km out of 115 and 69% done, it is going to be close as I may need one or two days off next week. But I am quite certain that I will make it as I plan a few longer walks as well. All in all it has been a good trial run and I now know what I need to change for next months walking goal.


Lastly, I did a sneaky jog as well during one of my walks this week – since jogging/running really is what I truly love it was unbelievably amazing to be able to switch from walking (not my favourite pace) to a bit faster pace. I say faster, but anyone who has seen me jog since I became overweight would most likely not even consider it jogging – but that is ok, even if I am slow at this point it is still a different thing to jog instead of walking, the footwork is different, the bounce is there – to me, it is just the most beautiful thing ever.

Despite my love of running, I am still a bit too heavy to jog (achilles and knee wont hold) so this was nothing but a tiny teaser to remind myself of the amazing training that is yet to come. So for now I will stick to my walks and continue to strengthen my feet (I do feet exercises to help my achilles), legs and abdominal area and to be perfectly honest, it is quite alright to do it all in babystep pace as well and I much prefer it than rushing along and ending up with a lot of injuries due to not having the patience to wait it all out. Walking is truly good for me and the progress I have made so far is convincing me that jogging is not too far off now and that is an amazing thought right there.


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