Sugary treats.

It’s now been 28 amazing days since I decided to quit eating sweets, cookies and any other sugary products that I don’t really need but kind of would love to munch on because they are oh so very yummy! To me it was important to start my weightloss journey by removing the one thing (sugary treats!) that most certainly does not belong in my life. Saying that, I have decided to allow myself (if I would like) to indulge a bit on holidays and celebrations such as my birthday. But at this point I am not too sure that I would do it even if I can because I simply do not miss it enough to want to. A pretty odd feeling to have after thinking for a long time that it would be extremely difficult to quit eating all the things I used to take for granted when it came to treating or comforting myself.

Before I quit eating sugary treats I used to eat something sweet each and every day, not including yoghurts or anything else that also have a lot of sugar in it. Even though I never used to eat tremendous amounts of sweets, I am most definitely not one of those that can eat only ONE square of the chocolate bar and then save the rest for some other day. Who on earth does that anyway? Well, who in this case may be my boyfriend who sometimes even FORGETS about his sweets, I mean come onnnn – that is not even fair that someone can have such a relaxed relationship to sugary treats.

Anyway, safe to say, when I used to eat sweets I would most certainly eat it all, every single little piece of it, nothing to waste! This is of course not a very good idea for someone who is already overweight and that is also why I am glad that I have decided to kick that habit once and for all. Thinking back on how my relationship to sweets have developed over the years, I cant help but think how utterly stupid it was to start eating sugary treats in the first place, in particular since I never used to have (pre overweight) much of a sweet tooth at all. But I suppose that sometimes you have to learn the hard way and this is my lesson learnt; it’s just not worth it, period.

I must say that I am tremendously grateful that I so far have found it quite easy to stay away from sweets, but I am also aware that it is early days and a lot can still change. But I must allow myself to celebrate the good things and feelings, the days when I feel strong emotionally and the ones when I have achieved something even though it is only the beginning of journey that is going to be a part of who I am for a very long time.

5 tips to quitting sugary treats!


Do it in steps, if you quit sweets and cookies – continue to allow yourself a fruit (despite its sugar!) or a greek yoghurt with some honey for a sweeter taste. This works wonders for me, as I don’t actually crave the sweets/sugary treats as such but just something (in my way of thinking) nicer to munch on every now and then.


Balance your blood sugar levels by eating meals and healthy snacks evenly divided over the day. This way of thinking (which to me actually meant eating MORE but better food and more often than I used to!) is keeping me away from the horrendous sugar dips, which used to  cause my chocolate cravings. Not anymore!


Drink (water) when you start to feel a craving for sugary treats, I often “imagine” that I am hungry or that I want something sweet but as soon as I drink I realise that it wasn’t a genuine need.


When it comes to drinks I have also found that hot water with freshly squeezed lemon is amazing for making me feel fresh and sated. I try to drink this every morning as I have read somewhere that it is an excellent way of cleansing your body, I have no idea if that is true or not but I like the taste and its a good way to start the morning!


As you probably have understood by now, to me it is all about finding alternatives since it can be difficult to stop a habit of eating something sweet during lazy evenings in and I am still on the hunt for various things to munch on that aren’t bad for my weightloss. As a last tip I would recommend the traditional vegetables with a dip, it may be a tad fatty but if you have calculated your calories fine during the day it is more than an alright snack for any evening really. If you haven’t been big on veggies before, buy a bunch and have a “veggie taste”-try out evening with your friends, it is a great way to figure out what you like because I’m quite certain there will be something yummy that you will fall madly in love with. Good luck!


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