A quick Easter greeting!

Happy Easter lovelies!

I hope you all are enjoying these few days of holiday, I have had a splendid time so far as I have had plenty of amazing quality time with my boyfriend, going out for long walks (the very best training company and motivator!) catching up, planning ahead and enjoying each others company immensely. All in all, simply lovely!


So far I have also been able to stay away from the less healthy food and sweets which is a good feeling as I try not to indulge unless I really crave something sweet and then I prefer to stick to a piece of melon or something similar. However it is a holiday after all so I just might allow myself to eat something chocolaty (yes, yes I am one of those chocolate craving girls!) tomorrow but I will see how I feel. Anyway, this is just a quick hello to wish you all a fantastic Easter weekend and let you know that I am still on track and that I sincerely hope that you are too!


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