Sunday Summary.

So, I have had a rather tough week, but that is still no excuse good enough for not updating more this week, I am really sorry about that. Updating here is tremendously important to me, not because I try to please anyone else, but because this is my diary and what keeps track of my thoughts and activities during this weight loss journey of mine.

The whole concept of sitting down and collecting my thoughts regarding my training, self image and various situations and experiences also serve as a healing and learning process about how to be able to make it possible for myself to reach my goal(s). When I stop documenting my thoughts it becomes harder to pinpoint exactly when changes happen, be it physically or emotionally – and it is important to me to be able to (in the future) go back in the archives and understand why I may have thought in certain ways at specific times or situations. As I have mentioned in previous posts, this blog is somewhat of a lifeline to learn how to live again, on how to become – not only a physically healthy person again, but also a whole person on the inside. It is a healing process through and through and this is my place where I can be open without having to hold back, where I can think freely and allow my mind to go wherever it wants to go to heal, to become whole.

However, some weeks are just impossible to put down in print and I don’t ever want 365evermore to become a chore or a must, everything here is based on finding a balance and to do everything out of free will. I don’t believe in forcing anyone to do anything ever, it all has to happen naturally – I wholeheartedly believe that it is the only way to succeed. Because anyone can diet and lose weight but not everyone can find that amazing balance that allows you to remain at peace with your inner- and outer self for evermore. And that my dear hearts, is exactly where I am headed, it is where my life-balance lies.

So, let us get back to the lovely Sunday Summary now, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend and an amazing week of exercise no matter on what level you are at! I am actually quite pleased with my week despite the fact that I did not reach all the goals I had set out to reach, but that is life and I am still proud of the progress that I have made in the areas that I have been focused on.

As you can see below, I have continued my walks and it is going better and better, the pace has increased a bit (not intentionally) which must mean that my muscles are waking up a bit and that alone is a big high in itself! I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of being “strong” or well, maybe the more correct way of putting is to have energy in your legs and feel like there is that extra bit of “oomph” in them when needed. I am slowly getting there and it is keeping me smiling all day long!








I am also very happy about having finished 46% of my walking goal already, I know that it isnt done as of yet but it most certainly gives me hope and encouragement to keep on going! Not that I actually would stop now but anything and everything that has a positive effect on actually getting out there and moving about is awesome and much appreciated. I dont think you can ever get enough encouragement or positive comments because it is exactly what makes


My goals for the upcoming week is to keep up the walking, but since it is Easter I may have a few days off from the normal walks and enjoy some family-time instead. I am not sure yet and I know that it probably is very important to set rules for how to deal with public holidays  and such but I must admit that I haven’t thought as far yet and here we are and Easter week is just around the corner! Anyway, I need to make sure that I walk at least 3.6 km per day be it a few longer walks or 7 days of the minimum kilometres does not matter much as long as it gets done. Fingers crossed for me this week please!


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