Sunday Summary.

This week has most certainly been very different as I have been a lot more active than I normally am and I must say that it has been very pleasant. Not only is it enjoyable to spend some more time outdoors (D-vitamins galore!) but the feeling afterwards, when the walk is done and over with is heavenly! At this point I think I am only harvesting the positive effects of my new walking routine, I sleep a lot better during the nights and I also experience that I have more energy during the days compared to before. All in all it has been a grand first week and I must say that I am proud of myself even though I of course know that it is a long, long journey ahead of me yet and I am by no means even near my end goal target. But it is a brilliant start and as such I pat myself on the back for now and look forward to next week with great anticipation!

As I have mentioned before, I use RunKeeper (love it!) to keep an eye on my walks and as you can see below I have – as of today – finished 23% of my walking goal, which I am tremendously pleased with. I have done a few walks that have been a tad longer than I expected but most walks have been somewhere around 4 km, which is good enough for me at this point. To be able to complete my goal of 115 km before 1st April, I have calculated that my walks need to be at least 3.8 km / day (I have some days as full resting days) and this week has most certainly reached that goal, happy days indeed!


I realise that it may not be very interesting for you as a reader to see my weekly data from RunKeeper but this blog is my diary to keep track of my progress and therefore I will also be posting information like this every now and then, I hope that is ok! As you can see below there is still a lot to work on time wise, I know that I am slow but that is also the reason to why I am doing this in the first place – to improve, get fitter and lose weight. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to seeing the changes in both pace and distance in the future to come, but right now, this is where I am at and as silly as it may be, I am proud of the walks I have done and the beginning of a routine that I have started to lay the grounds for this week.








My goal for next week is to keep on doing the morning walks but the idea is that I am going to add some more activities two times (maybe three) next week and I am thinking either tai chi, yoga or alternatively zumba. But it all depends on how I am feeling because I don’t want to rush my body as I have a problematic Achilles (long term injury that wont ever go away 100%) that means I have to ease into things or it will act up and leave me disappointed. Anyway, that is my plan for the upcoming week – what does your week look like?

I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend and that you have stored up plenty of love and encouragement to take on next weeks challenges!


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