About food and being somewhat of a vegetarian.

Ever since I started thinking about how to tackle my weight loss I have been trying to avoid to touch the subject of cooking as it is one of my pet hates when it comes to healthy living. Don’t get me wrong, I do realise how very important healthy cooking and eating is for the weight loss to actually work, but I just don’t enjoy cooking whatsoever. I am one of those young women that much prefer to buy prepared meals be it less good or healthy and nutritious it did not matter much (now it is a bit different obviously!) as long as I didn’t have to spend any time in the kitchen. I know it is a pretty sad thing to admit, but I want to be honest here and if you do choose to follow me on my weight loss journey you will soon realise that cooking will be one of my big struggles!

So yes, I realise that I have to learn a lot more about cooking to be able to understand how it all come together as a whole. And that is ok, really, I kind of want to learn at the same time as I do not. But I know that I have to and that is enough for me to surrender with a smile on my face.


My background when it comes to food is a bit different to many that deal with overweight (or so I assume) as I have been somewhat of a vegetarian for 18 years (since I was 12) and I have never really suffered the problem of the normal “junk food” trap or too much red meat or anything along those lines. Also let me explain what I mean when I say somewhat of a vegetarian, I am what some people refer to as “pesce vegetarian” meaning that I do not eat any kind of meat or bird/chicken but I do however eat fish and seafood (and of course also egg, honey and milk products). This “diet” or lifestyle as I prefer to call it is not something that I have changed during the years, so its not an off and on relationship whatsoever, I simply do not eat meat or chicken and I do eat fish and/or seafood about once a week or less. But I do eat it and it won’t ever change unless something detrimental to health is discovered in combination with eating fish and seafood.


My reason for changing lifestyle from being a meat-eater to somewhat of a vegetarian was simply that I wanted to see if I could do it. No real reason except the curiosity of a 12-year-old young girl who enjoyed challenging herself and pushing borders. However, today my reasons are different, I honestly don’t want to eat any animal that I could not bare to hunt and kill on my own without any assistance of perfectly lined up food in a department store.

Fish and seafood is something that is in my veins, it is a huge part of my culture (Swedish) and every single tradition that we celebrate throughout the year has fish in it. Hence, it is a part of my heritage and something I use as a luxurious treat every now and then when I have grown tired of the pure vegetarian food.


Lastly, for those of you that are environmentally interested or involved I can say that I do try my very best to keep on top of which fish etc that are in danger of extinction and naturally steer far, far away from eating those species. I am well aware of the serious problems that overfishing contributes with to our already panting for breath mother Earth. The best part of being somewhat of a vegetarian is that I have the power to decrease my consumption of fish and do my part (no matter how small it may be in the grand scheme of things) to keep our lovely planet as healthy as I also wish to be.

Ladies and gentlemen,

What is your opinion on different food choices and lifestyles,

healthy eating and achieving weight loss?


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