It’s finally here!

Finally it is here, the amazing Friday! Is this not the day that we all look forward to the most? Or well, the end of the day when we get to go home from work and hang out with our lovelies, our own people that we have chosen to have in our lives. Friday is by far my most loved day of the week because you have the pleasure of having finished a day of work but also the whole weekend to look forward to, simply amazing! I am currently in the south of Germany and we are enjoying 24 degrees outside, most definitely time for shorts and dresses, and even though I am aware of the fact that it is only the beginning of April I could not resist but to buy myself some fantastic exotic fruit today. So, naturally I intend to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with this lovely companion, yum!


However, first I am off out for a walk as I missed out on my morning walk today and I need to walk at least 3.8 km each day to be able to reach my goal of 115 km at the end of the month! I have decided to only include my actual walks in this goal and everything else is labelled as everyday activity since I need that too. I will however keep track of any other kind of training that I do as well, but it will not be included in my RunKeeper goal unless I set a new goal – ahh, decisions! – but that is a problem for later. Now I really have to get those trainers on and head off out, I will check in here again once I am back and tell you about the less good experience I had earlier today when shopping for clothes. Till then, enjoy this fantastic Friday lovelies!


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