When the best things in life are free, try to remember just that.

Okay so it is already afternoon, but I would still like to write a little about morning walks, do you do them? Do you love it? Since I am a morning person I love being active straight after I have woken up, there is something absolutely lovely about getting out of bed and jumping straight into my training clothes and heading out in the sunshine of the early morning.

I have always loved to experience towns before they wake up, before it’s populated with its people when there is only the singing of the birds, the forest and me. To me this is a great time and place to boost up on energy levels and spend time with myself on my own. Saying this, I may run a risk of sounding too much like a hippie (don’t get me wrong I love hippies, I mean what’s not to love about peace, love and understanding? Totally amazing!) but I genuinely believe in living in the now, experiencing and taking care of those experiences with great care is so very important because they only last so long. If you are happy – smile with all of your heart and treat your surrounding to the same happiness that you hold within.


Morning walks makes me feel wonderfully happy and relaxed and trust me on this, being on the move first thing in the morning will make you smile even though your current life and situation may not always offer you reasons to smile. Maybe this is why I so very easily become addicted to training (not in a negative way, but a good one) all the lovely endorphins released that so efficiently creates the best growing ground for a continued perfect day.


To me morning walks is all about finding a balance within myself, therefore at this point I cannot claim to do any “perfect” power walks, I am much more focused on simply getting out there and moving about (taking action!) than trying to score a great pace. As mentioned yesterday, it all comes down to baby steps, everything done in my pace and on my terms, this because it just won’t work if I try to do or be like someone else. Believe me I have tried before and it just ends up in a disaster where I feel inadequate and not good enough. Staying true to myself and where I am at today is my starting point and that is what will keep me going.

I am sure that you know of the saying the best things in life are free, I do agree but more importantly, the best feelings in life are also free. The feeling of happiness when I stroll along the road, forest to the left and right of me, bumblebees (love them!) starting their daily hunt for nectar, butterflies accompanying me along the way (one landed on my hand today, according to the myths and sayings it means that I have a “pure spirit” such a lovely thought is it not? Regardless, it was a great experience which I choose cherish) red squirrels hastily climbing up the trees once aware of my presence and I find myself ever so often grinning like a Cheshire cat because all these signs of early summer (despite the fact that my calendar whispers, its only spring time yet darling) signifies life and what is the given life but an explosion of happiness.

Morning walks, one of the best things in my life right now and yes, they are truly free. So, do as I do – get out there and take a deep breath, I promise it will make your day so much better!


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