About taking action.

Pablo Picasso once said; Action is the foundational key to all success and just like that, a dead mans words have managed to sum up my whole idea of approaching my weight loss and how to change my lifestyle into a better one.

To most people the idea of taking action goes without saying when your aim is to implement any kind of change in your life. I also assume that by now everyone is familiar with the fact that all excessive energy intake, be it food or drinks, must be taken care of if you want to reach the ultimate goal of losing weight. And even when I write it here now it seems so very simple, I mean how hard can it really be to moderate your eating, be active enough to burn excessive energy and watch out for less good food? It most certainly should be doable.


Alas, despite its simplicity and easy to understand mathematics (well, at least until you start to dig too deep into the calculations) my reality is still very different to that and most of the time I struggle to remain the perfect balance of just right and instead end up eating either too few calories per day or far too many. Apparently it is not all that difficult to decrease the food intake but to find the balance of it all seem to be next to impossible.

My main problem most definitely seem to be the one of moderation, a problem that most likely is common among us that at some point have lost control of what’s “normal” when it comes to portions, being everyday active and performing focused training. I for one cannot even remember what a normal portion of food used to look like before I became overweight. I also do not fully remember how different my life was when I was a lot more active. The change to become more of a couch potato is not something that happened over night and therefore also had the opportunity to sneak into my life relatively unnoticed.

Of course this is a sad realisation to face but also an important one, I cannot hide from myself and my less good habits anymore it all needs to see the light of day and ultimately change into something far better. Since I am in this for the long haul, I try to think ahead and pay attention to what kind of changes I will be able to keep up for the rest of my life. Saying that, I am aware of the fact that I can not possible know what my life will look like a few years from now, but what I am trying to say is that I am doing this step by step – baby steps if you like – I prefer to change one or two things at the time instead of jumping in with both feet at once. I am in no desperate rush, I look for balance and sustainability. 


With all this said, I must admit that Mr Picasso was right indeed, taking action is vital for getting started at all, but to be able to keep on going and feel motivated when I hit the first wall or slowly start to spiral out of control wont be helped by simply taking action. It is not only the doing of things that is of importance but also general knowledge of what I am trying to achieve and keeping myself informed and on top of things. I am by no means an expert when it comes to eating right, creating training routines or weight loss calculations, quite the opposite, I know very little of this business and 365evermore is all about finding ways that will work for me.

Keeping this in mind I was super excited when I found my two new “assistants”, namely the websites Myfitnesspal and RunKeeper. I will most likely write more about these two later on, but for those of you that may not be familiar with either, Myfitnesspal is ideal for helping you out to calculate food intake as it will keep an eye on your everyday calories, fat, carbs, protein and much more and also give you and overview of your overall diet. I realise that websites like this may be bad for people that dislike or cannot handle counting calories and the like, but for me this works fine. I like to keep control of things, but I am by no means obsessive it’s just an awesome way to keep myself motivated and on the right track. All in all it is an excellent website that makes calculating my daily intake a lot easier and much more fun and I love it!


RunKeeper on the other hand is my much newfound love when it comes to setting up goals for my training, do not be intimidated by the word RUN because this website/app allows you to fill in more or less any kind of activity that you like, it is that good! For now I use it to set up goals for my morning walks (my current goal is to walk 110 kilometres till the end of the month!) where it will keep an eye on the distance, pace, time, calories burnt and route (by using GPS) – all this by having my iPhone in my pocket while walking. I cannot begin to express how much I love this app, it most certainly makes my morning walks into something even more amazing!

So my dear ladies and gentlemen,

do you use any gadgets or websites that makes

your training a lot more fun?

Please do tell, as I love to discover new apps or websites

that makes this whole weight loss journey

even more enjoyable!


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